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Richard Ellers: Music

This Time

(Richard Ellers)

Copyright 2006 Richard Ellers
All Rights Reserved

Be your own man
Take a stand
And let the chips fall where they may
Sing the songs you were born to sing
Dream the dreams you were born to dream
And be your own man
This time

Walk right out that door
Take a chance and pick yourself up off the floor
There’s an open road and a sky so blue
Waiting right in front of you
So walk through that door
This time

This time, you’re standing tall
This time, you’ve got it all
This time, you’re gonna shake the blues
This time, you hear a new call
This time you’re not gonna fall
And this time, you’ve got no time to lose.

Sing your own song
Let the words from your heart drive the tune along
Grab a little of what’s going around
But stay true to your own sound
And sing your own song
This time, this time, this time, this time.