From the recording Dad O'Rourke's Bench


Copyright 2006 Richard Ellers
All Rights Reserved

I damn near walked
This world around
This lonely city
This dirty town
And the sweetest song
I could ever find
Was a summer breeze
Rolling round my mind


And oh how the wind blows through the shady grove
Oh how the songbirds they sing
Oh how my gal all in her summer dress
It makes my heart bells to ring

Now Dad O’Rourke
Was a mighty fine man
lie did a lot of his living
Out on the land
He walked these hills
With a long black cane
And now and then
Lie comes back again

Repeat chorus

The ocean tide
Goes up and down
The summer green
Turns to winter brown
And man might die
Well be fore his time
Which is just one thing
That blows my mind

Repeat chorus