1. Time Time Time

From the recording Time Time Time


Copyright 2006 Richard Ellers
All Rights Reserved

I don’t know what brought me here to the old school yard
The place wanted work
I guess the years have been pretty hard
I can see myself and my first friends
Jumping puddles
Playing games
Never knowing
That time, time, time
Was passing us by.

There were days of glory
Shooting stars and rainbows
Without end
And we stumbled into all those lives
We never planned
And where are they now?
Blown like grains of sand
By the four winds
To distant lands
On wings of wonder
While time, time , time
Was passing them by.

And so I turn my collar to the cold and damp
And the driving rain
And walk away from all those things
That might have been.
In the life of a man
His time is but
A moving moment
A glimpse of sun
Caught on the waters
Of time, time, time
Passing him by.