From the recording You Don't Have A Clue


You Don’t Have a Clue

Copyright 2006 Richard Ellers
All Rights Reserved

He had a brain too big for his britches.
He had a grin too wide for his hat.
He parted his opinions on the wrong side.
We all know someone like that.
He had a voice that arrived before it left
He had a heart carved out of stone
And he honest to God believed that
Oswald acted alone.

He was living in the 21st century
With one foot in the last.
Everyone thought he was moving too slow,
but he thought it was too fast.
He was a ship without a rudder,
A sail without a mast,
A heart without a future,
And a soul without a past

What ya gonna do
What ya gonna do
What ya gonna do
What ya gonna do
Hey what ya gonna do
If you don’t have a clue
That you, you, you don’t have a clue.

His life was a Grimm fairy tale
Like the ones that we all know.
He was the cobbler’s son with no shoes
The Emperor with no clothes.
He killed the goose that laid the golden egg
What more can we say
Then he borrowed from tomorrow to pay off yesterday.


Tomorrow is just a bunch of yesterdays
Lined up like dominoes.
The more thing change the more they stay the same
As the French say it’s “le meme chose”.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch
Our hero just for fun
Has gone off shooting doves
With daddy’s sawed off shot gun.